Phase 2 Planks

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Bay 7 planks are sold with a caveat because it has to be understood that they are unlikely to be fitted with their associated plaques until 2023 or later. The plank and plaque itself will be at the pier for inspection throughout and, in extremis, could be taken away. Supporters of these planks are helping us finance the bay 7 costs so that we can order the steel etc and then move on to financing bay 8.

Phase 2 planks are a standard length of 2.3 metres and can be situated anywhere on bays 4 to 8 as space becomes available..

Each plank (except for the centre plank) is accompanied by a plaque.

If you purchase a North Plank and a South Plank together at the same time (total £150) , then the associated centre plank , is a bonus free item.


You MUST include your engraved message in the notes during checkout.

For every plank purchased, you get a personalised plaque with the message of your choice (except for the centre plank). You will also receive a certificate of reservation by email. If you do not want this to be in the name of the purchaser then put the name you would like in the notes section at checkout along with the main inscription.

The image is only a guide and is not an exact representation of what the plaque will look like. The lettering is centered.

Please put your inscription(s) in the 'optional' notes section during checkout. The Queen’s Pier Restoration Trust retain the right to refuse wording they consider to be of an unsuitable nature. Please refer to the full Terms and Conditions for further guidance.

Please appreciate that it may be a considerable time before your donation results in a plank and plaque being installed as the decking is the last task after all the steel and beams have been replaced. However, you will receive an email when your plaque is available for inspection in the portacabin and you may take it away for safe keeping if you wish - returning it when requested.

VAT at 20% is included in the cost. Unfortunately, the wholesale price has rocketed due to global uncertainty caused by Brexit and Covid and we have had to increase the price to £75 each. N.B. You don't need a Paypal account to check out - just choose the option from them for guest checkout and refuse any offers!

The cost of the plaque is included in the purchase of the plank and is currently £10 as charged by the Manx Workshop for the Disabled. It is made from multilayered plastic to keep the cost within bounds, as a brass plaque would have cost as much as a plank, but inevitably the plaques will deteriorate over time in the marine environment - particularly when waves wash over the pier in storms.

If a donor during a visit believes that there is significant damage to a plaque then they can purchase a replacement from the Trust at the then current cost. This also applies if for some reason the wording needs amendment. However, replacements can only be fed into the batches of new plaques as it is impractical to manufacture individuals, and so it will always take considerable time before manufacture can take place.

Exceptionally, if the Trust feel that the condition of a plaque is detrimental to the overall appearance of the pier, but the donor does not wish to replace the plaque, the Trust reserves the right to remove it and, if requested, store same in the building for collection.

VAT Number is GB 005 0435 32